How to support our work

You can volunteer to help sort, stamp and shelve books. It's a great job for book-lovers and former librarians. We open at 11, and close aound 4. We're happy to have people who are able to come down to Pelaw for a few hours a week. We can reimburse your travel costs if needed.


Please email us for a volunteer form.


You can donate books. We take pretty much everything - although Caravan & Camping guides from 1984 are not really useful. Please make sure the books are clean and free of spider webs and pet hair. If you can deliver, that's a huge help as we don't have enough people to drive round collecting books.  If you have smaller quantities and live too far away, either start up a Borderline Books in your own area or send them to us. Contact us for more information


You can make a financial donation.  If your bank account is groaning under the weight of wealth, please feel free to offload some of it in our direction. We have a funding page on Total Giving.