The Kittiwake Trust

Board of Trustees

Dr. Caroline Mitchell


Dr. Caroline Mitchell is senior lecturer in radio at the University of Sunderland where she has worked since 1993. Her research and practice is centred around enabling people to have a voice through community media and her recent work has focused on women and radio, transnational radio cultures and support and training for refugee radio projects. She was part of the team that developed the award winning global radio platform She is currently programme leader for the new MA in Participatory Arts and Media at the University of Sunderland. 

She joined the Board of Trustees in 2016 and became chair in 2017.


Pam Gibson


Pam joined Borderline Books as a volunteer in 2013 and became a trustee in 2014.  As a board member, she took on the position of treasurer, having previously worked for the Post Office. After going back into full time employment, she had to give up volunteering but has remained as treasurer and continues to represent Borderline Books at community events.


Louise Wright


Louise Wright has been an enthusiastic supporter of Borderline Books for a number of years, donating books when she has been able and spreading the word as much as possible. Louise's background is in administration and finance but she is often better known through her voluntary work, either with the Progressive Players based at the Little Theatre in Gateshead, or through local heritage with Newcastle City Guides and St Mary's Heritage Group.

Louise has been Company Secretary and Membership Secretary with the Progressive Players and is currently Box Office Manager. She also gives talks about the Progressive Players to local groups and is often seen giving tours in Gateshead and Newcastle with the City Guides. As a committee member with St Mary's Heritage Group, Louise organises events at St Mary's Heritage Centre as part of the heritage program and looks after membership and all things financial for the group.

Louise is looking forward to putting her administrative and financial skills to good use as a trustee for the Kittiwake Trust.


Donna Brown

Donna Brown works as a Health & wellbeing Coordinator at Liberdade CDT.  In 2003 Liberdade was set up to create the opportunity for a group of people with learning disabilities to establish and run their own physical theatre company.

She joined the Board of Trustees in 2016.


Mandy Maxwell


Mandy Maxwell is the Deputy Head Teacher at Parkside House SEMH School in Northumberland. She teaches English Language and Literature to young people who have complex emotional, social and behavioural difficulties and to pupils who have been diagnosed as having severe cognitive and clinical disorders.

Mandy is the Designated Safeguarding Lead for school and has many years of experience of working closely with vulnerable and at risk young people and their families and carers.

She is also a poet and spoken word performer and runs a successful monthly poetry and spoken word event in the North East called The Stanza.

Mandy is also co-founder and facilitator of Rainbow Kids, a not for profit LGBTQ organisation which meets monthly to bring LGBTQ families together in the North East.

She joined the Board of Trustees in 2013.


Amina Marix Evans

Trustee and Project Development

Amina  spent all her working life with books; from her first job in the library of the Institute of Race Relations, work in bookshops and publishing companies to spending 35 years as a freelance foreign rights agent in the Netherlands during which time she also worked as a freelance editor and translator. When she realized how many people did not have easy access to books, while many publishers were pulping books by the skip load, the idea for Borderline Books was born.  The earliest sketches of the project were written in the wee small hours of 11 September 2001 after a brainstorming phone session with Sjaak van Rijn who supported the setting up of the project in Leiden. In 2007 she brought the project to the UK where it has flourished. 

She was offered – and declined – an MBE in late 2016.

She was chair of the Board from 2009 until 2017


Sjaak van Rijn


After finishing his education as a teacher  Sjaak travelled around for a year and learned a lot.  He was able to use this experience in his job as a teacher in a primary school in Leiden, where he worked for 15 years on a children’s farm in the education department. After this period he worked as a manager of parks and public spaces in the municipality of Leiden.

In Leiden Sjaak is a volunteer and Chair of the BookSpace ‘Boekenzolder,’  and of the Kittiwake Stichting


Rosie Jennings

Until her retirement Rosie Jennings was headteacher of a primary school in Sunderland and then went on to form a company 'Training Ladder' to deliver programmes to professionals and families within the School and Family Nurturing Programme, which was established by the charity Family Links. These courses were structured to raise the profile of emotional health in schools and families. Additionally, she worked as a tutor, supporting education students from Sunderland University during the school-based part of their course. 
She became a Trustee in 2018.

Jola Olafimihan


Jola has been volunteering at the Kittiwake Trust Multilingual Library for well over a year now and has taken on an increasing amount of responsibility. She was invited to join the Board of Trustees in 2018 as recognition for her hard work and for her extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the library work and for her additional expertise in supporting refugees.