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The Kittiwake Trust


The Kittiwake Trust was set up as a community organisation in Gateshead in 2009. It became a CIO on 26 January 2016 with Charity number 1165318.  Its sister organisation the Kittiwake Stichting was set up in the Netherlands in 2004. The two organisations are entirely  independent of each other apart from sharing one trustee each and the symbolism of the Kittiwake.

The Kittiwake was chosen because it spends most of the year at sea and comes to land for the breeding season. Even then, it stays on the cliffs and coastal areas – on the margins of  society, much like the majority of those we support.

The original project of the Kittiwake Trust is Borderline Books. In 2015, we also opened the Kittiwake Trust Multilingual Library in Newcastle upon Tyne.

The objectives of The Kittiwake Trust are: To advance education for the public benefit including by donations of books and other items to not-for-profit organisations and school libraries, a multilingual library and support of other projects in such ways as the trustees see fit.

We currently run all our projects in empty commercial properties which keeps costs manageable, but of course it means that we could need to move at any time.... so we live in a similar situation of uncertainty as many of the people we work to support.