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Guest blog: Michael Rosen

The Borderline Books Blog

Information, ideas and feelings. We reckon that these are vital to our lives. Let’s take them one by one. We spend hours and hours every day seeking out and using information. Just think about it: where to wait for a bus, what’s on the menu, what’s the price of milk, what’s the weather going to be like later, what are the football scores? We are sent complicated forms that ask for information about ourselves, we have to fill in forms to get what we want and need. We listen to the news and try to figure out if people are telling the truth about ‘debt’ or ‘Europe’.…
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Author: Amina Marix Evans    Posted: 636 days ago

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Diary of a Showman

The Borderline Books Blog

This is a letter we received recently from a guest of Her Majesty, DK. It is reproduced here with his permission. Needless to say, we sent him a big package of books. Dear Borderline, I have seen your details in the HardmanDirectory and thought that I would shoot you off a letter and see if you happened to have any dictionaries in stock at the moment. I am, well was, a showman (I grew up on the fairground) and it was not until I decided to leave the fairground that I thought about learning to read and write. ...…
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Author: Amina Marix Evans    Posted: 637 days ago

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